Leverage multiple social medium to promote and manage your brand.

There is a lot you can do









Carve out a huge advantage in the online social world, for your brand or micro-brand.


Bring your brand out in the hearts of billions of online users. See how consumers and prospects are responding to your brands, competitions.


Look at what consumers and prospects are talking and mentioning about terms, products, brands, celebrities, events and a lot more things that are relevant to your brand.


gain tangible insights into the performance of your brand on social media.


Lower your effort in spreading the word to a few clicks. Boosting comes with features that delights brands.

The online social world is big!

It has to be perfect to reach the right people.

Each social network understands a few specific item such as images, videos, tags, family, friends and more. To add to our ease, each of these networks have their own way of functioning, connecting and searching. Its important that, one needs to be proficient in managing presence in multile social networks.

Here is a platform that makes it simpler and faster on multiple social medium. Choose nectorr for the following top level benefits.

  • Predictive insights

    Is the abillity to forecast behavior, trends and relationships to come up with an early notification system. This elevates your brand value by being pre-emptive.

  • Connectedness and Scalability

    Is the ability to stay in touch with optimal touch-points and messages for business reason or retaining attention for new services and products.


Having worked with leading names and startups, we were constantly put through the rigorous and daunting task of managing social media. Though most activities were outsourced, managing and crafting tangible results was painstakingly time taking. Number crunching, stats, math and a whole lot of Microsoft excel made us think of improving the general experience of a brand.

On a detailed analysis, we figured out that smaller companies, startups and micro-brands lacked knowledge, resources and the much needed financial bandwidth. They had a different set of needs with some overlap with what the brands and larger enterprise needed.

On the drawing boards..

A quote from Jim Morrison, the lead singer of a band "The Doors" gave us the right direction.
The quote said... THE ONES WHO CONTROL MEDIA, CONTROL MINDS. From there began our conquest to design and craft something that lets brands and microbrands manage their present needs vis-a-vis social media effectively. The solution had to be something that scales up to assists in several marketing decision making.

The corporate world has already embraced social media for marketing more seriously than ever.

There is a lot of information available there that can assist brands and microbrands can utilize.

With the right tool, one can take informed decisions and craft knowledge with respect to marketing. is crafted as a premium platform that eases the entire marketing journey with respect to several social media.


Nectorr was founded in 2017 by two successful and experienced professionals with umpteen years of experience in Leadership, Technology, Startups and general business management.

They decided to create a world class platform to help micro-brands and brands bring multiple social media to the core of marketing or for that matter anything that you are persuing in life.

Nectorr is built on the quote by the lead singer of The Doors, Jim Morrison ““whoever controls the media, controls the mind”.

Our platform is packed with awesome features that enable brands to easily engage with people and build lasting relationships.

Paraphrasing Jim Morrison for today “whoever effectively manages social media, controls the customers buying behavior”.

Each day there are hundred of websites that get created. From simple things like sharing photos, videos, experience and a whole lot more services that are now being provided online.

Some make it, the rest get back to the grind. On carefully analysing, we concluded our analysis with a thought that the means to reach the correct audience at the right time, in the right frame was the most critical aspect of what ever, anyone is doing.

So, we began this journey called "nectorr" with a few dollars and crafted a subset of the entire offering that could make a huge impact to whatever you are doing using multiple online social medium.


The team brings a collective experience of approximately five decades spanning Technology, IT, Leadership and General Management to the table.

Vidur Kohli


is the CEO and co-founder of Nectorr.

He is responsible for the company’s overall vision and strategy as well as day-to-day operations.

Since inception, Vidur has focused on simplicity and inspiring creativity through solving the problem of social media awareness of brands with a thoughtful product design.

As a result, Nectorr has become the single best platform for Social Knowledge Management. Today, Nectorr is poised to become the home for Social Knowledge Management for micro-brands, brands and anyone else with a need to market themselves via social media channels.

Prior to founding Nectorr, Vidur was part of the IBM India leadership team as the CTO for India and also spent several years as a senior leader with GE Capital in India. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and a master’s degree from Marquette University.


Edward Varghese


is the CTO and co-founder of nectorr.

He crafted the idea of nectorr and is responsible company’s technology vision, strategy as well as day-to-day product enhancement and the product roadmap.

He began his career with MS-DOS and moved to System level Programming very soon. His clients included Duracell and Trafag, where he was working with assembly, Object Pascal to do real-time systems. Followed by a stint with Java, .NET and SAP based systems. He brings over two decades to software and innovation experience to nectorr.

Other than conceptualizing and implementing some power packed features into nectorr, Edward also looks after the branding aspect of nectorr.

Prior to founding Nectorr, Edward was part of leading names such as GE and HCL and has extensively worked with hi-tech clients from US, Europe and India.

Edward has experience of working in startups in India, US and has spent time in the bay area as well.


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